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Chane's Projects

Hello! Chane here!

Here are some projects I've created, managed, or contributed to in some way aside from voice acting. Though yes, sometimes I have a voice role in them. Enjoy!

My Anime List x Honeyfeed Writing Contest Semi-Finalist (2021)

This mostly slice-of-life web novel follows Pecan's daily life as an employee of the newly-opened Witch Cafe Wisteria. There she learns witchcraft under Derry's nearly incomprehensible tutelage and tries to help the new cafe become successful.

Witch Cafe Wisteria is about going at our own speed. Our breaks, our practice, and our mistakes are all essential parts of our progress which make up our individual pace. As long as we're on the journey then it's okay if there are obstacles, if others seem to blaze right by you, or if you need to rest so you'll have energy to continue productively. You can still reach your goal at the end and even keep on going to bigger things.

You can read Witch Cafe Wisteria on Honeyfeed!

Witch Cafe Wisteria BIG.png



Get ready for some Spore-adic Adventures!

This is a three-in-one visual novel full of mushroom people! This project is presented by 'Hope This Works', a tiny improv group of aspiring voice actors.

Morel's Story follows  the slightly hot-tempered Morel. He has found that baking helps manage his anger and he wants to open his own bakery. He tries his best to win a baking competition in order to get his life back together.

Truffle's Story follows the timid mushroom, Truffle. She wants to have a tea party under the oak tree out in the courtyard, but she's having a lot of trouble putting it all together due to her shy and avoidant personality.

Black Trumpet's Story follows Trumpet. They want to form a band in order to spread happiness with music, but since others are often wary of Black Trumpets and Trumpet hesitates due to self-hate, it's been difficult to find members.

You can download Spore-adic Adventures for free on!


There once was a woman who could enter the minds of others. She gave herself a rule: "Don't get too involved. You're just here to peek." Yet one day, she stumbles upon a mind that's unlike any other she's delved into...

This is a radioplay project I had to make for an audio production class some years ago. I still put a lot of heart into it though I was a little more rushed than I would have preferred to be. So for me it feels a little incomplete, but I hope you'll enjoy it!

Read the Unofficial Script for Privy here.


This is a multimedia project which will include music, videos, comics, and more! Cedar is a nature sprite who has decided to try out the whole overseas idol thing. However, they're not exactly the type of sprite who follows human rules completely. Cedar also isn't the most skilled in everything that relates to idols, but they're trying they're best to grow and get better! Follow Cedar's growth-- not just as a tree, but as an idol!

Cedar's Links

Cedar's first album is available here.

Mixed Media

Artist Alleys

Every now and then, I table at a con or event and sell art or just let folks know about any completed or upcoming projects. Feel free to say hello whenever you spot me! As for where I table, I'll usually try to mention the events I'll be tabling at on Twitter if I don't forget! As for what I usually have at my table, it's usually a mix between fan art and original works. Right now, I have stickers, a few self-printed clothes and bags, magnets, and prints.  Here's small sample of recent things I'm preparing! Sorry about the watermarks! For more art, check out my deviantART gallery here!

I also have commissions open here!

Fairies Eye Adjust.png
FOOD Complete I guess blank back smaller_edited.png
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